Volunteer to Recycle

Help us keep Hardin County beautiful and reduce the amount of waste entering landfills when you recycle. Even if you don’t litter, materials that enter landfills build up over time, wasting resources and polluting the air, ground, and water over time. Plastic, in particular, can take as long as 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill and, while paper decomposes faster, it also takes up precious space in landfills and can easily be recycled to conserve resources and reduce landfill waste. We provide convenient recycling bins at each solid waste center to help protect Hardin County and our beautiful planet for the future.

Recycling Hardin County

We accept paper (including cardboard) and plastic for recycling, which may be bagged separately by category and dropped off in the orange bins at any of our convenience centers. Please flatten cardboard before placing in the cardboard bin and note that we are not currently accepting glass for recycling. By separating recyclables from garbage, glass, hazardous materials, and recyclables of other materials, you help us to lower costs and contamination rates for a more successful program.


  • Milk & Juice Containers

  • Water & Soda Bottles

  • Detergent & Household Cleaner Bottles

  • Buckets (any size)


  • Newspaper & Magazines

  • Books

  • Envelopes

  • Sale Papers & Junk Mail

  • Chipboard

  • Cereal Boxes

  • Snack Containers

  • Soda Cases


We also accept electronics on a rotating schedule at our full-service centers! E-waste includes items like computers & computer components, DVD & VCR players, TVs, video game systems, and other electronic devices. These can be disposed of at the appropriate center during regular operating hours. You can find the e-waste recycling schedule here